February 2, 2018 Meeting Notes

Link to Adobe Connect Recording Several links referenced during the meeting are found on our links page. [wpdm_package id='761'] [wpdm_package id='763'] [wpdm_package id='755'] [wpdm_package id='757'] Meeting attendance: Hospital Meeting Bill Ritzer Reedsburg Area Medical Center Bob Swenarski St. Mary’s Janesville...Read More

October 6, 2017 Meeting Notes

Due to meeting in a new location, audio was not picked up by the Adobe Connect, therefore there is no recording. Meeting Slides Coalition Surge Test Slides Hospital Meeting Notes: WISCOM Roll Call on September 26 revealed many issues with...Read More

August 4, 2017 Membership Meeting Notes

Link to Adobe Connect Recording Meeting slides NIMS Compliance Template (For Hospitals, due January 24, 2018) Wisconsin Hospital Mutual Aid MOU Coalition Surge Test ACMT and AACT Position Statement: Preventing Occupational Fentanyl and Fentanyl Analog Exposure to Emergency Responders (Referenced By...Read More

February 3, 2017 Membership Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes from February 3 Adobe Connect Recording Archived: https://connect.wisconsin.gov/p8b69q1a3zs/ (If a window pops up and you are asked for your connect.wisconsin.gov credentials, just click cancel. Once the window loads, in the upper left hand corner under filter events uncheck...Read More

December 2, 2016 Membership Meeting Notes

Hospital 1) Marisa shared information about the Versa-Flow trade in program with the hospitals, this program has been extended through December 31 so if you didn’t have a chance to register yet you may still do so. The information was...Read More